Get More from Your Lease’s Finish with These Tips

November 27th, 2017 by

You can find a vehicle for your own personal use by either buying it, financing it and paying installments over long periods, or lease it – effectively renting it, just like an apartment – for a set period of time. Leases are popular, for one reason, because they’re so flexible. Here are a few options you could be faced with when that last day of leasing rolls around:


Take the lessor up on offer to buy the vehicle. There’s typically built-in equity, or store credit, in a sense, that’s redeemable if and only if you buy the vehicle, right then and there. It could be a great deal, but you should only accept it if you can actually afford the purchase. You can lease the vehicle again for a few months, or for an extended period, like a full-fledged lease for round two. It’s always possible to simply return the vehicle at the lease’s end, too.

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