Learn More about Your Car’s Oil Viscosity

January 30th, 2018 by

Cars need the right oil at the right time. In summer, many require a different oil viscosity than in winter, but what do numbers like 5W-20 mean? As a resource to Milford, CT drivers, we can explain.

Oil Viscosity

Let’s begin by imagining a cup of coffee. Now, envision ketchup pouring from a bottle. Coffee and ketchup are liquids, but one is more viscous than the other. Viscosity refers to a liquid’s resistance to flow. Coffee moves like water. It flows easily. Ketchup requires patience when flowing. Thus, water has a low viscosity rating, and ketchup’s is higher.

Viscosity in motor oil is expressed in a range. Regarding 5W-20, the left number is the oil’s viscosity in a cold engine. After the dash, we see the oil’s viscosity value in a hot engine, when the oil will flow faster.

No matter your car’s recommended viscosity, reach out to Milford Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to schedule your car’s next oil change today!

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